NFL Draft thoughts. 2/19/17.

The QB class is taking shape.  Trubisky showed everything he could last year but it was only one year.  Kizer was not good for most of the year but he had a season comparable to Trubisky in 2015.  These two QBs are the top of the class in 2017.

This is an incredibly deep draft at the top this year.  Tons of defensive talent on the line and in the secondary.  Running back is loaded with 3 elite prospects and the potential for more (Fournette, Cook, McCaffrey).

WR has a couple legit first round talents.

What will be interesting is how Cleveland, SF and Chi fill their QB position.  Cleveland will be loathe to pass up on Garrett but there is a  If drop in prospect quality from Trubisky/Kizer to Watson/Mahones.  Jimmy G. would be the best option out of all but trading with the Patriots is cost prohibitive.  It is unthinkable to trade a high first round pick for Garoppolo for the right to pay him free agent money.  You cannot build a team that way.  The Browns though could part with #12 given the numerous picks they own.  It’s not advisable though, in my opinion.

Houston with pick 25 is a high probability landing spot.  Would New England want their top competition in the AFC to have a competent QB though?  I’m not sure they’d want to send him there.

At this point I see the top 3 picks in the draft as Garrett, Trubisky and Kizer, subject to change after the combine.  I continue to await the Bears decision regarding their next franchise QB.  There are many options on the table, including trading down and punting this year with an eye on building the roster for next year.


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